How to Teach Yourself German

I have a very special guest on my channel today: my girlfriend Camille is here to share the tricks and methods she uses to teach herself German. Links to everything below!


Camille's Tips

  1. Find a specific motivation for learning German first
  2. Use Duolingo
  3. Create a list of (your) most commonly used phrases
  4. Bring a little notebook everywhere
  5. Read up on grammar
  6. Learn the article trick
  7. Learn sentence structure by translate sentences word by word to your native language
  8. Pay attention to peoples’ mouths for proper pronunciation
  9. Find a conversation partner
  10. Find a pen pal or start a WhatsApp group
  11. Listen to podcasts
    Camille’s favorites:
  12. Subscribe to Easy German
  13. Watch shows about everyday life, each episode in English first and then in German right afterwards
    Camille’s recommendations:
  14. Just pick one learning activity every day


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